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About Courtney

A natural storyteller, 27-year-old Courtney LeMay Birnbaum spent her childhood telling outrageous jokes and stories to her parents during long commutes to and from school. In an attempt to keep Courtney’s jokes from causing her to laugh so hard she lost control of her car and/or bladder, Courtney’s mom provided Courtney with hundreds of books and magazines to read. It was incredibly effective.

Courtney’s love of written, spoken and televised words continues to grow today. After a year of studying journalism in college, she found herself drawn to adding media communication as a second major, with the intention of working for entertainment magazines like WIRED, Paste Magazine, A.V. Club or, if she could be so lucky, Nickelodeon Magazine. Courtney soon found herself with two loves: magazines and television comedies. She began to write scripts as well as articles. She avoided a quarter-life crisis — yet still found herself working full time and in grad school.

Courtney works as a senior publications specialist for Learfield IMG College, producing print and digital sports publications for the NCAA and many of the nation's top universities and conferences. She also pursues freelance video, design and photography work.

In her very limited free time, Courtney enjoys catching up on television shows, reading, studying French and playing the ukulele. She also volunteers weekly at church with the funniest middle school girls she’s ever met, her 11-year-old self excluded. Courtney often plays one-sided games of fetch with her corgi, Sgt. Tibbs, and researches theories about the upcoming Star Wars films. On rare occasions, she finds time to attend rock concerts.

Courtney thrives on bringing projects to life on the page, and she has the expertise you need for any graphic design, editorial or management project. With an MFA in Narrative Media Writing from the University of Georgia, she'll also tackle any screenwriting project you can throw her way.

Reach out to Courtney to start your project today.