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About Christopher

An animation enthusiast since his birth in 1988, Christopher Birnbaum spent his formative years in New Jersey, close to New York City, watching Winnie the Pooh and having adventures in his forested backyard with his four younger siblings. While attending college for film studies in Central Kentucky, Christopher had an epiphany in the movie theater watching Disney’s Tangled. Sometime between the first gleam and glow of Rapunzel’s hair and the end credits, Christopher decided animation was more than a passing interest. He had to work in animation.

With his passion for animated film and television more than rekindled, Christopher eventually established Animation Force, a blog designed to connect fans and aspiring animators with a constant stream of animation news, fun and inspiration as well as advice from those already in the animation industry. When Christopher isn’t drawing or working on Animation Force, he continues to enjoy his lifelong hobbies of reading and writing, listening to talk radio (now podcasts) and watching animation out of his extensive collection of films, clips and television shows.

With expertise in storyboards, Christopher also seeks work in concept art, digital portraits, illustration and more.

Reach out to Christopher to discuss making your project goals a reality.