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Christopher Portfolio

Work Experience

Christopher specializes in illustration and storyboards, with an interest in animation.



Recent Work


Digital Painting

Portrait of Courtney, 2019.


Website Branding/
character design

Both Birnbaums collaborated with open-source social media website to rebrand logo (Courtney) and website character mascot (Christopher) to better reflect the .Art instance as a community of artists of all varieties.

Screen Shot 2018-08-07 at 11.57.05 AM.png

FAR ABOVE: Christopher designed a screensaver to commemorate Mastodon.Art's one-year anniversary and celebrate the launch of the rebranding in spring 2018.

ABOVE/RIGHT: Christopher's design, the Mastodon Artist, greets users at the bottom left corner of their timelines (link).



Always open! Inquire for pricing.

BELOW: Commission for @UnluckyLungs of her original character.

C-logo (1).png

2018 Self-portrait


Clyde the dragon (original character)

Commercial work

Christopher Birnbaum works in person and remotely with clients in the video pre-production process to develop storyboards for their projects. One recent project, above, was through Chronicle Cinema for Black Diamond.


Animal Portraits

Christopher specialises in both Digital Paintings and Pencil Renderings of pets or other beloved animals. Inquire for more information.