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Photo III 

There is so much that goes into a social gathering. All the relationships built before the party—beyond those friendships formed during; the party planning, the food, the invitations and directions and parking spaces. Good parties don’t just happen, but when they do, it is something special. You glow with excitement, basking in the comfort of pleasant company. You might even say it ignites warmth inside of you, like a gleam of happiness, flickering long after the night has ended. An evening with friends is a lot like a bonfire: bright, full of energy and movement, warm. Everyone knows when you’ve been around a bonfire, and everyone should know when you’ve been around friends.

When I look back on my experience in this class and in college, I know I won’t remember everything with absolute clarity. Some of the details are a little fuzzy; sometimes stories and people become blurs. But I won’t forget the good times I’ve had here. I won’t forget the feeling of friendships, even as I grasp for these last glimpses of college life. I feel compelled to document it all sometimes, but what I really want is to enjoy the moment. There is an important balance between taking pictures and making memories. I hope these photographs have successfully walked that line.